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Paper Bags

    Paper gift bags are the most popular packaging bags today. In view of its low cost, good printing effect and liked by many businesses. So what are the main materials of paper gift bags? Commonly used in gift bags inexpensive but the effect of the amazing process and what are they?

1.material: paper gift bags common materials are coated paper, single-powder card, kraft paper, special paper, etc..

In view of the low cost of 250 grams of single-powder paper, good printing effect, can well show a variety of processes and other advantages, therefore, 250 grams of single-powder paper in the gift bag is the most widely used. But the toughness of single powder paper is not good, so usually single powder paper gift bags are usually covered with matte film or glossy film.

Kraft paper is particularly good toughness, not easy to tear, no need to laminate, feel good. But also in view of its particularly good texture, not easy to ink, so the printing effect is not as good as the single powder paper.

Special paper usually refers to a special performance and use for a particular, high value-added paper species. Compared with ordinary paper, specialty paper has high performance, high added value, high technology and a short life cycle. Coated special paper printing effect is particularly good, uncoated special paper is good feel, the main types of pearl paper, color cardboard, gold and silver cardboard, patterned paper and so on.

2.process: paper gift bags common processes are laminated, hot stamping, UV, embossing, etc., these processes have their own characteristics, businessmen can choose according to their own needs.

Laminated, with a matte film or laminated film, laminated paper bags any better, moisture-resistant and anti-deformation.

Hot stamping, characterized by highlighting the metallic texture, generally used to highlight the focus of information on the packaging or brand Logo. hot stamping paper color is rich, gold, silver, blue, red, etc. can be selected according to need.

Partial UV process is mainly used in the matte film on the gift bag picture or logo text, etc., can form a strong contrast with the perception of matte film to achieve the purpose of highlighting the focus.

3.accessories: gift bags common accessories are hand-held rope.

Usually portable paper bags can be used to carry the rope with three strands of rope, nylon rope, cotton rope, compilation tape, etc., for some of the gift bags used to package heavy items, generally in the rope hole with a cockle button to fix, to prevent the gift bag rope in mentioning the time to tear the gift bag.

A complete paper gift bag is mainly composed of the above parts. Of course, in view of the different needs of each business, the gift bag material, printing and process requirements are different, so businessmen in the custom gift bags before the available materials and technology to understand the gift paper bags, so that they can more accurately put forward their needs Oh.

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